Friday, March 30, 2012

JacKris Publishing Giveaway!

JacKris Publishing, the makers of the absolutely amazing Growing With Grammar program, is having a giveaway over on  They are giving away one set of each of their 3 programs, Growing With Grammar, Soaring With Spelling and Vocabulary and Winning With Writing.  All you need to do is leave a comment here telling which program you'd pick.  Easy, right?  Of course it is!

After using 3 grammar programs that made us both miserable and longing to run the other way screaming, we found GWG and it was like the heavens had opened and light poured down on us.  There might have even been a bit of the Hallelujah chorus too, but I was so happy with the program I can't recall.  Seriously though, this is a great program.  The lessons are short, to the point and well laid out.  With dyslexia, the short and to the point part is super important.  With each lesson there are 2 workbook pages that have exercises on  that lesson and  on previous lessons to help reinforce them.

We did try WWW, but with dyslexia it was a bit too much for Indy so we put it away.  We might try it again next year as it is a solid program.  I'm also considering SWS.  It looks like a great and even fun (Spelling?  Fun?  Possibly!) program.

Anyway, if you're interested, hop yourself on over there and enter. 

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