Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This week we're learning about Thanksgiving. Go figure, huh? We've discussed the Mayflower, the Wampanoag Indians, the Pilgrims (or Morgrams as Indy calls them. Why? No idea.), and why we celebrate. We've made a hand print turkey, a pilgrim (Morgram) hat, and discussed what we're thankful for. I asked Indy what he was thankful for on Monday. He answered his family and friends. Awwwwww. That's my sweet baby. On Tuesday I asked him what he was thankful for. He answered his dogs and his toys. Sweet. This morning I posed the same question. His response? "Today I'm thankful for the toilet." Aren't we all?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The campain ads have found a listener. Election day 2008

Generally I tune out campaign ads. They're sooooo....what's the word? Annoying? Sure, we'll call them annoying. I hate election year (or in this case years) because of the campaign ads and all the yard signs. Man, I hate yard signs. Especially when there are like 50 posted along the road. It makes my blood boil. Boil, I tell you! Because you KNOW that they're going to start falling apart after a few weeks and junking up the median, and that the parties aren't going to do anything about it. Also, they're up until sometime the following year. GRRRRRR! But I digress. Back to my point.
One good thing about living in Europe is that there are no comercials. Political or otherwise. I wish we had moved last year then I could have avoided the majority of them. While I may be able to tune them out for the most part, it appears Indy has not. This morning I put out his journal entry-I write it out and then he copies it into his journal after reading what I wrote. Today's journal entry read: Today is Tuesday, Novemeber 4, 2008. It is election day. Yesterday was O'Pa's 60th birthday. Indy asked me what election day meant so I explained that today people would vote for new government leaders, including a new president. He looked at me and said "Did John McCain aprrove that message?" M and I cracked up. I tried to explain with a straight face that John McCain and Barack Obama were both running for president and hopefully by tomorrow morning we would know who won. He then asked if that meant George Bush wouldn't be president anymore. I told him yes it did and applauded him for remembering the presidents name. He responded with "Well, I think he needs a break anyway. Being president makes you look old. He looks old." I laughed and agreed. He started copying in his journal what I had written and then asked, "So tomorrow either the pink guy or the brown guy will be our leader, right?" I nodded and said their names were John McCain and Barack Obama. He said, "Yeah, John McCain is the pink guy and Brarak (his word) Obama is the brown guy. That's what I said. Isn't it nice that we come in so many colors?" Man, I approve THAT message.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Homeschool Blog!

I decided to start another blog for just homeschooling stuff. See how I use the English language? "stuff" Big vocabulary there. Actually, in real life I'm quite loquacious and have an expansive vocabulary. M likes to say I use $5 words. He's silly like that though.

Anyhoo, homeschooling now has it's own blog. Why Bent Grass Prep? you may ask. Good question. Actually our last name means Bent Grass Meadow and I took the name from that. Doesn't that sound lovely? Bent Grass Meadow. Makes you think of lazy afternoons and resting on a a bed of soft grass below a deep blue sky, doesn't it? I actually wanted to use the word meadow in the school name, but M said it sounded too girly. Also, Grass Meadow may have given off the wrong vibe. I'm just sayin. So, here we are Bent Grass Prep. Welcome. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.