Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Lapbooks

While I'm unpacking the 3 million boxes from our move (Indy IS doing school though!), I thought I'd share 2 other lapbooks we did this past year.

After the earthquake lapbook inspired by the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, we moved on to volcanoes.  This was a very involved lapbook that took about 2 weeks.  There was a lot to learn!


First fold opening:

Second fold opening showing the bottom flap (it folds down):

Inside with the flap down:

Close up of inside a volcano:

 The Ring of Fire:

Tsunami spin insert and vocab words:

When we studied Renaissance Italy, Indy became fascinated with Leonardo Da Vinci.  We took an entire week off school and learned solely about him and his fascinating life.  This too was a very involved and HUGE lapbook because there was so much to pack in.  I think we used 3 file folders stapled together.  It's quite bulky.


Inside the first flap opening:

Inside the second flap opening:

Inside the third flap opening:

Close up of his Renaissance drawing.  Inside this booklet was information that he wrote about the architecture of  the Renaissance.

Info about Leo's life:

Indy's writing backwards experiment:

I couldn't get a good photo of it, but we also included a Euro coin minted in Italy that had Leo's Vetruvian Man on the reverse of it.  In case you don't know, while Euros are all the same on the front, and accepted in any country that it part of the EU, each country mints Euros and puts something representing that particular country.   The €1 in Italy has the Vetruvian Man.  Every time we get one Indy swipes it and adds it to his stash.

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Anonymous said...

I love your lapbook posts- this year I think we are going to try and lapbook ancient history (well, incorporate lapbook elements into our history binder a la WTM) and I am totally intimidated!