Sunday, June 26, 2011

And we're done!!!

We are finished with 3rd grade!  Woohoo!!!  It was quite a year, what with the pregnancy and baby and all, but we managed to get through it without losing our minds and we even finished on time!  Halleluiah! 
We actually had a good year.  We learned all about the middle ages and Renaissance and Indy's reading improved by leaps and bounds.  This was the most exciting part of the year for both of us.  The day after we finished, we took off for Paris for 4 days.  I'll be posting more about that on my main blog though.  We now have 7 weeks off before we start 4th grade.  Actually a week has already passed, so really, we just have 6 left.  Today I started pulling all the 3rd grade material out of my binders in preparation for all the new stuff.  Next year we'll be doing a condensed version of early modern and modern history so we can be back on cycle by the time we hit 5th grade and the logic stage.  While we're both anticipating a nice summer break.  We'll keep up on reading and I'll ask him questions about what we learned this past year, but for the most part, we'll just be taking it easy.

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