Friday, January 8, 2010


Oh, it's been so long! We've been busy little bees in the last 2 months. We've studied England, Ireland, Scotland, Christmas around the world and this week we've been studying Switzerland. Chocolate and cheese! Yummy! Tonight, as part of our cultural study, we did Raclette for dinner. If you're not familiar with it, click the link (after you read this) to find out more.

Indy with the raclette grill and all the fixings.

Throwing some duck on the grill. Fun!

Waiting! We cooked duck, beef and pork, potatoes (pre-boiled), mushrooms and pepper strips. And of course bread and the raclette cheese!

Indy pouring cheese over his food.

I now love Switzerland! An entire meal based on cheese! Heaven.

After dinner we had Toblerone for dessert. Dark chocolate with almond and honey. See how excited he is?

Oh, so good!

Is it wrong that we are having just as much fun with the food as we are with learning about the country? Next week we're studying Spain. Paella!

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Writing Without Periods! said...

Great photos. I used to be a military spouse, too. Husband retired.