Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little stressed and a little exhausted

Home schooling is hard work! It can be exhausting (for me). In addition to hiding the mess in a closet or under a bed keeping the house clean, I have to teach the boy. Some days are good and others I feel like I'm just running face first into a brick wall over and over and over (and over). I've decided to quit stressing over his reading, because it will happen, but there are days when it just makes me crazy (though I know it shouldn't). In addition, we've recently added some activities. On Tuesday and Friday he takes German lessons across the river for 90 minutes. This is actually pretty good for me because I can run to Aldi and do some grocery shopping and maybe (maybe) slip off to Mantei for a chocolate croissant and a little time to read. Heaven. On Thursday he has violin lessons over at PHV. Unfortunately neither of these things are within walking distance, so we have to drive. I'd much rather walk, to get in a bit of exercise, but what are you going to do? I'm worn out just driving one kid around to 2 activities. I don't know how parents with multiple kids in multiple activities do it. I need a nap. Seriously.

Now I'm trying to decide what to do next year. It's not really next year for us though because learning is continuous and we take mini breaks throughout the year, so there will be no big summer break before the next year starts. This year we've really kind of done our own thing (while keeping to educational standards), but I've realized I'm just not organized enough for that. I need a plan. Preferably a plan that is done for me because I'm really just too lazy busy to make lesson plans. I'm debating between 2 different curriculums next year: Sonlight and Moving Beyond the Page. Both are good for different reasons. I'm going to have to decide within the next few weeks to make sure I get everything in time to start in mid-July. Ack!

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