Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Egypt is awesome!

We're still studying Egypt and it's still all good! Much like our amber dig, way back in August, we had another Fun Friday with an excavation. FUN!

Indy got geared up and was so excited over what we might find.

Arf is watching closely.

Too closely!

Dutch has to get in on the attention.

Indy found an Ankh!

These are the things he dug up:

And here he is sketching his finds in his journal. Just like Indiana Jones!

Here's a little pyramid he built.

And here's what he put inside it.


Jessica said...

You are such a hands on fun mom! I need to get my crap together. I'll bet Indy is loving it!

Anne Marie said...

If you don't mind...I might just steal this idea on my 5 lovely home schooled children!